Wichita Collegiate denies Fiegel firing

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Wichita Collegiate School Headmaster Tom Davis issued a statement on Facebook on Tuesday regarding a report from the Wichita Eagle that the school had fired Mitch Fiegel.

Fiegel says he is out of town celebrating his 30th wedding anniversary and will not have a comment until he returns.

Below is Davis' letter:

Dear WCS Community,

Over the past few days, we have received numerous calls and communications from our community members regarding a situation involving Coach Fiegel. There has been a considerable amount of rumor and innuendo swirling around this issue, and we apologize that WCS has not moved more quickly to set the record straight. We'd like to rectify that now by explaining the facts as we know them this afternoon. First, Coach Fiegel is an employee of WCS. He has NOT been terminated or relieved of his coaching and athletic director duties. Any reports that suggest otherwise are absolutely false - including an erroneous story in The Wichita Eagle on Aug. 4, and various other unsolicited and inaccurate social media posts. We are reaching out to The Eagle, asking them to correct their story.

The fact is this: WCS is attempting to address concerns expressed by parents and students. This is a sensitive situation involving both school policy and personnel, and we need to protect the rights and privacy of Coach Fiegel and every individual and family involved.

Because this is a personnel matter, we cannot discuss specifics. However, we are committed to improving our communications with our WCS family and we will keep you informed to the best of our ability as the situation evolves.

We appreciate that so many of our families, faculty and alumni are concerned about Coach Fiegel. He has been a beloved member of the WCS community for more than two decades. Your outreach and support speaks volumes for Coach's contributions to the WCS community over the years.

Providing our students with a positive and nurturing learning environment is our top priority. Every decision regarding policy and personnel is made strictly with that priority in mind. All personnel decisions are made by the administration, and we will not allow outside pressure to sway those decisions one way or the other.
We pledge to provide additional updates on this situation as they become available. In the meantime, please continue communicating directly with me and Shari Male Powers, Chairman of the Board of Trustees if you have concerns. We will do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible.

Tom Davis
Wichita Collegiate School

Upon reading the The Eagle's report Eyewitness Sports placed calls to Fiegel and Coach Mike Gehrer, neither were returned.

Fiegel has coached the boys' basketball team for 28 seasons, winning six state championships.

He is also the school's athletic director.

We will bring you more information when it becomes available.