Woman killed in car crash leaves unfinished prayer project

WICHITA, Kan. --- Mendi Cotter's office sits empty. But it's just the way she left it.
She was pursuing her masters degree in communications at Wichita State University.
For a class project, her friends say she had the chance to show people what she was passionate about.

"Mendi, for her project wanted to combine her two great loves which were photography and her faith," said friend and co-worker, Anthony Cruzeiro. "Her plan was to just go on campus and talk to random students and strangers that she didn't know, and just ask them first if she could take a picture of them."

WSU senior and friend, Mary Kate Alexander said, "And just kind of talking to them about, you know, do you have any stressers going on in your life? Are you struggling with anything? And they could share if they wanted to, they didn't have to."

"After she asked that, she would ask them if she could just sit down and just pray with them about it," said Cruzeiro.

Alexander said she'd ask to take another picture of the stranger after they prayed together.

"And just see noticeably what the difference in their facial expressions, in their posture and everything before and after the picture and just be able to visually see the power of prayer," said Cruzeiro.

Even though Cotter can no longer do the project, her WSU family thinks it's an important idea to keep going.

Cruzeiro said, "Some other students were like, 'We should go do this, we should finish the project.'"

"Because it's a beautiful project and I think that it would be very impactful," said Alexander.

Cruzeiro said, "I just think that it'd be a good way to remember her and this idea that she had and just the faith that she had in the power of prayer."