Local exterminator gives tips to keep bugs, pests outside your home during cold weather

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) As temperatures continue to drop across Kansas, homeowners should make sure their home is protected from outdoor bugs and pests.

Flint Hills, who is an exterminator with Brown Reclusinator Pest Control, says its important to focus on the outside of your home when preparing for the cold.

Often times bugs and rodents like field mice look to come inside whether it is to find food or warmth.

Hills says there are other pests to worry about too.

"Last year, we were dealing with a lot of birds that try to get into the vents where the dryer hose goes, so we have to put on these cages and you can do it yourself because the birds can use their beaks to flip up the flaps and get inside."

Hills encourages frequent checks for any potential cracks or openings around the house, especially on the siding. Small mice can get into holes as small as a pencil.

Making sure the garage is sealed can make a big difference. Hill says pests will get into garages looking for any type of pet food and will try to get in further once it is all gone.

He says being proactive can make a difference in the long run.

"When you attract rodents, you attract snakes, when you have snakes you attract bigger stuff like foxes. By taking care of the small stuff, you can prevent the bigger stuff from coming around."

Hills says if you do take precautions and still feel uneasy its best to contact a processional exterminator.