FF12: Murder suspect claims to be hypnosis victim in letters to judge

Published: Sep. 15, 2017 at 3:41 PM CDT
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Rachael Hilyard, the woman in jail for decapitating and killing Micki Davis in April has started writing letters to a judge. In one of them, she refers to herself as a potential victim.

Hilyard, 35, sits in jail on several charges including first degree murder for the death of 63-year-old Micki Davis. Officers said they found Hilyard in a home near Pawnee and Seneca after they say she attacked Davis and Davis' grandson, who was able to escape. In an arrest affidavit, police wrote Davis' head was found in the kitchen sink.

Now, five months after the attack, Hilyard writes about a man she said was her boyfriend who lived with her for a time. He is also the son of the murder victim. She writes, "I feel like I may have been a victim of covert conversational hypnosis" citing the boyfriend as the one who did this to her along with giving her meth.

She writes that he recommended Summit Church in Wichita and Pastor, Terry Fox. She said it was that boyfriend who told her he thought she may need an exorcism.

Hilyard writes she went to the church with what she calls "spirit pictures and other info" and that the pastor she spoke with said he immediately knew she needed an exorcism.

Several months went by before Hilyard writes those from the church came to her house and put "holy water crosses" on the mirrors. She writes they scheduled another date to come back to her home but she got nervous and stopped answering their calls.

But eventually, she writes she answered and Terry Fox, the pastor at Summit Church came back to her home and started pointing out things that may be evil like a Salvador Dali print, which he took, and her dryer. She said that's when the exorcism happened.

She writes, "I was in my chair and they were chanting all around me with that 'water' trying to 'call' the demons out."

Part of the description is cut off of the court documents but she also writes that during the exorcism she was, "curled in a ball crying and begged them to stop and they did." She said they told her they'd be back in a week to finish and then they all went out to eat where they asked her a lot of questions.

Hilyard mentions the murder of Micki Davis when she writes, "it's a fact that 3 days prior to the murder, two individuals were in my home conducting what I had been told was an exorcism! This was actually the 2nd time they had been to the house!"

She only mentions Davis one other time in the letters when she writes that her ex-boyfriend's mother came over "to get some paintings I was giving her and we were next to the dryer and she said Jake's name and I snapped."

Hilyard also has drawings included with the letters to the judge. They depict three crosses, each with a label for a different denomination of Christianity. She also writes several phrases having to do with God. She mentions how different people view God in another one of her letters along with the separation of church and state.

A short letter also mentions her lawyers writing she was, "rudely shut down by my lawyers at the change of counsel hearing." She also writes that she wrote "confidential" on the envelope containing the letters to the judge because she wanted him to read the letters first before they became part of her public file.

As for her reasoning for the letters, Hilyard writes, "I just wanted to send this out before they throw me in the psych ward and over medicate me. I'm not going to stand for this. I think I may have been a victim of covert conversational hypnosis."