Judge denies new attorney request for woman accused in Wichita murder

A woman accused of decapitating her ex-boyfriend's mother won't get a new attorney.

In April, Micki Davis was killed in a home near Seneca and Pawnee. Police say she was attacked with a knife and decapitated.

Rachel Hilyard is charged with the crime.

Hilyard wrote a four-page letter to a judge, asking for a couple things: a new attorney and a psychological evaluation.

Hilyard writes she wants a new lawyer because of "extreme religious differences" between she and the victim.

"I am Catholic and the head of a Jehovah's Witness was found in my sink," Hilyard says.

She believes her current attorney is also a Jehovah's Witness and that's why she wants another lawyer.

Hilyard also writes about needing a psychological evaluation and claims her attorney isn't listening to her. After considering the requests, the judge overruled the motion. Hilyard will keep her current attorney.