Midwest Drywall employee dies in workplace accident

Published: Aug. 4, 2018 at 5:58 PM CDT
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An 18-year-old man died from injuries sustained in a workplace accident in southwest Wichita.

Family members say Aaron Erbert died Friday morning at the Midwest Drywall warehouse near Kellogg and Tyler.

The family was notified by a supervisor that Erbert was injured after falling inside the warehouse on a hydraulic arm, suffering injuries to his head and torso.

Erbert's family believes safety protocols were not in place at the time of the accident. Now, they're pushing for answers from the company.

"It should never have happened, there should've been safety precautions, there should've been measures taken to keep this sort of thing from happening. We wouldn't be sitting here today trying to decide how we were going to have funeral arrangements. He was only 18," says his mother Janet Duncan.

Erbert had been working at Midwest Drywall for three months when his mother got a call that something terrible at happened.

"My brother called me, and told me that my son had been in an accident, had hit his head - had fallen and landed on concrete - and had his head split open. He wasn't wearing a hat, he did not have any harnesses, there were no cones - no dividing factors of safety as far as that went - around him."

Duncan believes his death could have been prevented with the right safety protocols.

The family says they have not heard from official representatives of Midwest Drywall.

The company is investigating the accident.