Police release video in cold case murder

Updated: Jun. 1, 2021 at 9:43 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Kamil Boyede was shot dead in his Wichita home on South Ida on November 25, 2020. Right now, it’s considered a cold case. Few leads, few witnesses, but investigators believe there are people who know who killed him. They hope one of those people is reading this right now, and that they’re about to help break the case.

The 911 call came in the morning of November 25. A neighbor of Kamilu Boyede, whom most people called Kamile, was concerned because she hadn’t seen him. Even more concerning, the front door to his home was wide open.

“I just woke up not too long ago, my kids heard like gunshots last night,” the caller told the dispatch operator. “They said that they think that they shot my neighbor’s house...his door’s open. His door’s never open like this.”

By that hour of the morning, neighbors told police they were used to seeing Kamil mulling about in his yard. He ran a small business from his home, fixing cars. Investigators say he’d fallen on tough times. His wife had recently passed away, and he turned to his love of fixing automobiles to help pay the bills.

Wichita Police Detective Jeffrey McVay says officers responded to Kamil’s home to perform a welfare check.

“The door had been forced open, the front door,” Detective McVay said. “They (officers) found the resident deceased inside their home.”

What the 911 caller said her children had heard in the early morning hours, were gunshots. Kamil had been shot multiple times, and Detective McVay believes they did not come from the gun of a stranger.

“It was, in my opinion, someone that knew Kamil or was familiar with Kamil and knew the residence, or his activities,” McVay explained. “Someone that knew him and had a vendetta of some sort.”

There are no eyewitnesses to the murder, at least none that have come forward. There are, however, videos of the suspect’s vehicle. Three different security cameras from nearby businesses and homes captured the vehicle on its trip to and from Kamil’s home that morning.

“We do know the vehicle. It was a lighter white colored minivan,” McVay said. “We had video of the suspect vehicle and of the suspect’s approach to the home and the length of time that they were there at the home. So it is very short.”

McVay says he has not doubt that the person who murdered Kamil went to the home with no other intent but to kill him. There is another clue to that person’s identity. The 911 caller said the children who heard the gunshots also saw him park the white van and get out.

“My kids say they...seen a car park, like a van parked on the side, and the guy walked towards…like walking towards his house and he was like holding this hip,” the caller told the dispatch operator.

Detective McVay says he feels confident there are people who know who murdered Kamil.

“Not only are people out there that know who this suspect is, but I think there are people that are friends...that are going to be able to put that connection together or help us with that nexus on who the owner of this suspect vehicle, is or who this person was or who they know of that had a disagreement or was on bad terms with Kamil.”

And, the detective urges those people to come forward.

“We have to speak for Kamil on making this right, and we can do it together. We’re working hand in hand or partnering to get this done. I’d just ask for them to give us a call, so we can look into it.”

Anyone with information regarding the murder of Kamilu “Kamil” Boyede can contact police at one of the number below. Callers can remain anonymous.

Crime Stoppers: (316) 267-2111

Wichita Police Investigations: (316) 268-4407

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