Police close to closing case with your help

Abram Galvan’s killer remains free
Factfinder 12 is revisiting a Wichita cold case as the one year mark since Abram Galvan was killed.
Updated: May. 25, 2022 at 10:00 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Factfinder 12 is revisiting a Wichita cold case as the one year mark since Abram Galvan was shot dead after attending a wedding. Wichita police say the Factfinder 12 investigation that aired in August of 2021 sparked dozens of tips, now they’re looking for the tip that solves the case.

At 21 years old, most have their entire life ahead of them. When Abram Galvan woke up preparing to celebrate a wedding on May 29, 2021, he had just hours left. Two men in a very recognizable car saw to that. Those men shot into the truck Abram was being driven in while returning home from that wedding. There’s no indication the shooters knew Abram or anyone in that truck. Just random violence that left a family to wonder what could have been.

When Factfinder 12 showed never-before-released images of the car the suspects were driving that night, tips poured into police.

“It’s a unique vehicle, it’s a white Dodge Charger with racing stripes. It’s a loud vehicle, sporty,” Detective Anna Hoyt said.

Tipsters reported they knew the car, but police need to know the identities of the men driving it that night, and they need to hear from someone who knows them and knows what they did.

“Somebody knows and somebody saw him that night, and can can put it together for us,” Hot added. “We’re just missing a little piece of this, and then we can, we’ll be able to solve it.”

With some luck and help from the community, Detective Hoyt says investigators are close to solving this case. If you have any information about the two men shown in this article, police want to hear from you now.

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