Grill returns to play first collegiate game in Kansas

Published: Feb. 18, 2020 at 5:52 PM CST
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Caleb Grill is more than halfway through his first season of living out his childhood dream, playing for the team he grew up loving.

The Cyclones are 4-9 in BIG 12 play, and the difficulty of competing in the conference is his biggest take away from his first season.

“How hard it is to win in the BIG 12, you know I mean a couple possessions can be the difference in a win or loss and we have a couple games that just came down to the last couple possessions of the game,” said Grill.

“So we just need to learn to close out games and we’re a pretty young team so I think that’s a struggle for us but I’ve thought we’ve played better.”

The former Kansas high school athlete of the year says he knew playing at division one, Big 12 level would be an adjustment, but he says it’s one he’s still making every day.

“Going to practice every single day and going up against those guys and coming out here you watch them on TV throughout high school and stuff like that it looks like they’re just moving so fast,” said Grill. “It’s just the speed and how well you adjust to it is the biggest adjustment.”

He says he’s learned a lot from his teammates. Especially Tyrese Haliburton, a potential NBA lottery pick who’s also Grill’s roommate.

“He does what he thinks he can do, he doesn’t ever really try to do too much or be the player he’s not,” said Grill. “I just try to be the player I am and just try to build off that.”

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